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About Us

Since 1964 I have been running a successful business in England I am not an accountant but I have for many years prepared my accounts then presented them to a charted accountant for my annual returns I understand how important it is to know exactly how your money has been spent. In 2006 I went to Jamaica for the second time I decided I would like to spend some of my life in Jamaica I left in 1953, in 2007 we started to build our first house, I have now spent many years contracting builders and labours and negotiate with the material suppliers, I took control of my build it is much better to be there during the construction or to appoint a Project Manager who will act on your behalf that is very important, I am therefore offering my experience to build your desired home in the best possible way with honesty and reliability, unfortunately Jamaican builders has built themselves a very poor reputation in honesty and reliability. The house being build in St Elizabeth is currently being build by us..Evans Land sale and Building Jamaica We offer a full account at all times that can be accessed by email or print out for you or by sitting down together and going through them, we can arrange if you so wish all the difficult things, your desired building design plans, registered titles of land and submit to the parish council,and finally the building of you house . The Evans family has owned land in Jamaica since the 18th century honesty and fair play is our policy we can take the stress out of building your new house in Jamaica, we are exactly what you need honest and trustworthy, I will travel to Jamaica at the beginning of the construction and will be supervising progress until completion.

we are a design-build company that offers to you the advantage of a dedicated Project Manager who will supervise all operations for your construction needs. Whether you are planning to build a new house, do an addition or renovate, we can provides all the necessary expertise to make your project a hassle free construction. You have the option of selecting a pre-designed house  of your choice from any database we will then construct it for you with our high standards and specifications.

From the start of the project until the completetion of construction we will also work with the you to get done, your custom design of any building or house if we are not able to design plans to suit your need.


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Derick Alexander Evans



We have land lots and acres for sale in Monroe and southfield St Elizabeth

Full accounts available at all times tracking your finances to the last penny

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