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Before you build you must determine the cost by having a scaled drawing which will give you a full calculation of cost to complete construction a quotation will be generated from drawings and a blueprint.
Outside of that you are playing a guessing game with contractors and this could and often leads to confusion and dis-trust, it is very wise to have the appropriate design completed then you can calculate your final expenditure.



We can arrange if you so wish all the difficult things, your desired building design and plans, submit to the parish council, register titles of land and finally the building of your house ..... "we will build it strong "... self guarding against the changes caused by global warming

The Evans family has owned and developed land in Jamaica since the 18th century honesty and fair play is our policy we can take the stress out of building your new home in Jamaica we are exactly what you need honest and trustworthy construction manager to work with in Jamaica...

We have land and lots for sale in Monroe and Southfield St Elizabeth

We have land lots and acres for sale in Monroe and southfield St Elizabeth

Full accounts available at all times tracking your finances to the last penny

0208 856 9440..07887 694083

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